Toshiba Memory Talks Next-Gen Flash Storage

Nonvolatile memory turns up AI, edge power of flash storage

Technology is constantly evolving – and it takes experience, innovation and commitment to stay ahead of it. That’s exactly what Toshiba Memory is doing with our next generation of flash memory solutions. We’re constantly changing the playing field by packing high-density storage into smaller and smaller spaces – and making the modern tech we enjoy today real. From the smartphones in our pockets to the rapidly growing technology in our cars, Toshiba Memory is hard at work developing the technologies that will continue to change reality as we know it.

In a CUBE conversation, our Scott Nelson and Doug Wong give a behind-the-scenes look into the latest happenings at Toshiba Memory America.  The conversation covers emerging memory technologies – straight from the mouths of industry leaders. Find out what the next generation of flash storage will look like – and what it will be used for. HINT: think artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, virtual and augmented reality…see for yourself here:

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