Container World 2019: Surveying the Container Landscape

 Container World

By allowing applications to run in isolation from other processes, containers are revolutionizing cloud environments the world over – and here at Toshiba Memory, we see ourselves as agents of this change. Container World 2019 was an excellent venue to demonstrate our commitment to helping cloud data center customers make the flexibility promised by container and orchestration framework adoption a reality.

Taking center stage at the Toshiba Memory booth was our KumoScale™ shared accelerated storage software. With KumoScale, cloud data centers can fully benefit from disaggregating server compute and storage resources using NVMe-over-Fabrics technology - and provision server and flash storage independently to accommodate unexpected and peak workloads. This increases data center efficiency and gives the agility needed to respond to new revenue opportunities.

At Container World, we provided demonstrations of a disaggregrated storage node using KumoScale serving persistent storage volumes to containerized applications like Cassandra – as well as integrated with container orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes.  We were proud to be among the IT decision makers, thought leaders and fellow exhibitors that all came out in support of the container ecosystem – and look forward to the opportunities ahead.


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