NAND Flash Questions – Expertly Answered.

NAND FLash Questions Expertlyl Answered

Over the years, we’ve received many questions surrounding our iconic invention - NAND flash. In response, we’d like to introduce our new Ask the Expert series. Specifically our senior staff engineer Doug Wong, who has been with KIOXIA (formerly Toshiba) for 3 decades – and has seen flash memory grow from its earliest days.

With Doug’s help, we’ve created a series of videos that delve into the most pressing questions about NAND flash. First up: Why was NAND flash invented? The answer is, of course, a multifaceted one. We’ll start at the beginning, and you’ll get an insider’s view into everything from the shortcomings of the existing solutions at the time to how NAND flash got its name.

Take it away, Doug!

Stay tuned: Next up in our Ask the Expert series, we take a look at the evolution of NAND flash – you won’t want to miss it.

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