BiCS FLASH: The 3D Memory Solution for Large Capacity Applications

Ultra-high density storage devices face a bit of a conundrum. They are very demanding, requiring high levels of capacity, performance, reliability and more.  As planar NAND nears its scaling limits, how will these needs be met?

3D flash memory is the answer.  Our BiCS FLASH is a non-volatile memory architecture designed to boost scaling and performance along with memory density well beyond the limits of two-dimensional NAND flash. BiCS FLASH consumes less power, improves endurance, increases power efficiency and offers higher density in a smaller footprint - when compared to Floating Gate technology.

 It also improves write/erase endurance, making it suitable for a range of diverse applications, including consumer SSDs, smartphones, tablets, memory cards, and enterprise SSDs for data centers.

The 3D stacking process we use in BiCS FLASH increases memory density. That’s good news for enterprise storage devices. As more and more data centers are built to handle big data, demand for 3D flash memory will grow.

 It’s also great for smartphones and similar consumer devices. BiCS FLASH expands data storage capacity and improves processing speed.  Stay tuned for more exciting 3D flash news in the very near future…


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