High Density Flash: Fueling the 5G Data Revolution

From streaming video to social media and so much more - users generate vast amounts of data each and every minute. With 5G, and the ultra-fast data rates it brings, being added to the mix, the amount of data being generated that needs to be stored and managed will only continue to skyrocket. In fact – it’s predicted to reach 612 Zetabytes worth by 20301.

It's no secret that the data explosion is here – and KIOXIA is ready for it.

From XL-FLASH™ to BiCS FLASH™ and QLC, KIOXA has the solutions needed for the 5G data revolution. One of the largest flash memory makers in the world, KIOXIA delivers high performance, high density, cost-effective memory storage solutions to address the data growth of today – and tomorrow.

Watch our new video to see for yourself.


1Source: Statista: “Global Data Creation is About to Explode”

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