How Have Flash Memory Applications Evolved Over the Years? Let’s Ask the Expert

How Have Flash Memory Apps Evolved Over the Years

The range of applications that rely on flash memory today is extremely diverse – and quite different from the applications that used it back when it was first invented by KIOXIA.

Our Ask the Expert series is back – with answers to some of the most pressing questions about NAND flash. Watch as KIOXIA senior staff engineer Doug Wong takes a look at how we have gone from MP3 players to smart phones – for example – and  how NAND flash is enabling the next application evolution as well.

In our latest video, Doug uses autonomous vehicles as an example to showcase how NAND flash will be employed to make the applications of the future possible.

Click here to see for yourself and get an insider’s view into the evolution of applications that use NAND flash.

Stay tuned to the blog for more educational videos as our Ask the Expert series continues…

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