KIOXIA News: Event Season is in Full Swing

KIOXIA News Event Season is in Full Swing

The 4th of July holiday provided a well needed break for most of us, but it also marked the midpoint of what is generally the busiest time of the year for Outbound Marketing…..event season. While KIOXIA participates in key industry events year-round, the mid-May to mid-October timeframe sees us taking part in five major events and a number of smaller regional events – as well as our National Sales meeting.

This year in particular has been a bit different - and much anticipated - as it’s really our first post-pandemic event season. Soon after we first became KIOXIA, events as we knew them were shut down due to COVID. An important period for us to tell people who we were and what we do was made more difficult due to the pandemic. Fast forward to today, and the pre-COVID crowds are back at these events, and people are eager to see the latest and greatest technologies. Our event team is just as eager, as these are great opportunities to spread the KIOXIA message.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing. We have launched a number of new products with key customers. We’re highlighting products in new form factors as well as products designed to new or updated standards. We’re announcing participation in exciting projects like HPE’s SpaceBorne Computer-2 project (for those who don’t already know, our products are in a solution providing edge compute to the International Space Station). We’re announcing a new technology that improves system performance, reduces costs and improves power efficiency. All of these messages are designed to remind people that KIOXIA is the inventor of NAND flash and that we continue to lead the way forward with innovative products and solutions for the future.

For those who can’t make it to upcoming events like Flash Memory Summit, VMware Explore, and the OCP Global Summit in person, be sure to follow our social media accounts on  LinkedIn® and  Twitter to see and share what’s happening. And for those who are able to make it in person, be sure to come by and say hello. We’re looking forward to seeing you and making fantastic memories together!

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