Celebrating the SuperWomen in Flash: An Empowering Event

Celebrating the SuperWomen in Flash An Empowering Event

As the memory and storage industry’s biggest event, the Flash Memory Summit is always a big deal here at KIOXIA – and the 2023 event proved to be especially exciting for me, personally. KIOXIA sponsored the 8th annual SuperWomen in Flash Event at the show – an indication of the continuing commitment to making KIOXIA America a great place to work by empowering, enriching, and educating the community of KIOXIA America women to achieve their potential.

This sponsorship was driven by LeadHERs – an internal KIOXIA group created to welcome more women into the KIOXIA workforce - and uplift the women already working for the company. 

A testament to the industry's commitment to diversity and inclusivity, the SuperWomen in Flash event at FMS spotlighted the talented women who have made strides in our field. The event served as a platform to share experiences, insights, and visions for the future – and I was extremely proud to give the opening remarks. Like myself, many in the audience that day often find themselves as the only women engineers in a room - but in spite of limited representation, our spirits cannot be dampened.

As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field, I’ve experienced firsthand that there is a growing recognition of the significant contributions made by women in shaping the future of flash technology. The SuperWomen in Flash event celebrated these remarkable individuals and their achievements.

I’m proud to be part of a company that values – and emphasizes – diversity and inclusion. My colleagues have always been extremely supportive, and I have never felt that my dedication to this male-dominated industry was doubted in any way.

Promoting diversity in the flash memory and storage industry is not just a matter of equality, it also enhances innovation and progress. When individuals from different backgrounds and experiences come together, they bring fresh ideas and solutions to the table. SuperWomen in Flash is a crucial initiative that helps break down barriers and ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to the industry's growth.

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